Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wikileaks Equals Terrorism Like McCarthyism Equals Justice

Let's keep in mind that nothing Wikileaks has published from this trove of cables they obtained, was not first published by mainstream media outlets.  NOTHING!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a brief comment on my Facebook page regarding a 'shared' Glenn Greenwald column about the hue and cry over Wikileaks.  A few days later, a friend of mine sent me an email containing an article by Gonzalo Lira also on the subject of Wikileaks.  (I just now read the article, which does more to illustrate how my life has been and why I don't write more often, than anything I could say.)  Here is a link to the original post by Mr. Lira.  I'm glad I found the time to read it.  The following quote is his:

"McCarthyism is the arbitrary labeling of an individual as belonging to a widely and justly abhorred group, a labeling carried out by a powerful official but without any evidence and without due process, resulting in the systematic intimidation, isolation, and even ruin of that individual."

While I also disagree with Julian Assange and Wikileaks' basic premise, in that I firmly believe there are secrets which need to remain so, the concerted persecution/prosecution of Assange and Wikileaks terrifies me.  The conservative political/social bloc in our country has ceded to our government almost carte blanche ability to do whatever it wishes to a person or group, without check, balance, nor oversight, once the government labels said person or group as a terrorist.  That this willingness to cede power can come from a political/social bloc which so loudly beats the drums of being anti-big-powerful government, I find... astounding.

The Patriot Act: The gift from the Anti-Big Government folks that can allow McCarthyism to reign unchecked.  To be fair, there are plenty of Pro-Big Government folks (yes, you may interpret that as Democrats) who also support(ed) The Patriot Act.  It is the hypocrisy of being ANTI-Big Government but being FOR ceding unchecked power to the government which I find so astounding.

My life, my job, and my ability to keep my family safe are dependent upon secrets being kept.  There is plenty that I REALLY don't want to know.  But I want SOMEONE to know other than the wielder of power.  Someone to say, 'whoa there big fella', step on back, you're out of line, we need to follow a little due process here.'

You know, Checks and Balances.  That pesky little principle upon which our Founding Fathers based our Constitution.  For all those folks who beat the drum of being for 'Original Intent' regarding the Founding Fathers, their ability to overlook this I find even more astounding.  But I suppose they should be forgiven.  For if Rupert Murdoch hasn't told them to think about it, it just doesn't make their radar.

Christopher Dinnes
USNS Pililaau, T-AKR 304
Corpus Christi, TX

Update 29 DEC 2010: Here is a link to Ron Paul interview on the National Review where he minces no words defending Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Update 31 JAN 2012: Here is a link to an article by one of the lawyers representing Julian Assange and Wikileaks, which provides an excellent perspective.  We pardon those who committed torture, but we prosecute those who told the world we were doing so.  Really?  This is for what America stands?