Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Real, Old-Fashioned Journalism

In this day and age of entertainment and declining-profit driven newspapers, with a generation weaned on texting as written communication, to read real, old-fashioned, top-quality journalism is a joy. Since such journalism is not common any longer, when it passes in front of my eyes I take note. On the links to the right, you will see Tom Englehardt's TomDispatch.com. Mr. Englehardt writes really, really well in the journalism sense of the word. However, as many of my kith would not be inclined to read a TomDispatch (as they do not share my political and social views), here is a link to a recent TomDispatch where he examines his face in the mirror and how he has reached the age where he sees his father looking back at him. The article is a pleasurable exercise in journalism and a joy to read.

Christopher Dinnes
The Farm
Spicewood, Texas


  1. Chritsopher,
    Maybe the method of sending the message will determine the quality of the writing. Texting being "What's up" while journalism is a more thought out process giving a better quality.

  2. True Jeff, but I think I was trying to say that a generation (or almost two now) raised with texting being almost their sole method of written communication is fast loosing appreciation for, (and therefore the market), and the ability to, write.

    By "write" I mean to push a noun against a verb in such a way as to provoke and stimulate complex thoughts. (My above abuse of commas notwithstanding.)